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As I am more concerned about my privacy on the internet as time goes by, I feel morally obligated to the the same for my readers, that is why I am removing all stuff that can be used to track my users on the internet.

The first step is to remove Google Analytics due to its tracking nature. This is a big sacifice for my since I won’t be able to see any statistics about how the blog is performing anymore.

There is still work to be done, I only have one ad and it will continue there until I can figure out an alternative which give me similar revenue. I hope you can understand this decision, since managing and writing a blog is time consuming and this is a way of compensate all that work. I have some alternatives to the ad, but none of them have work so far. You can check them in /en/apoyanos/. Here are a few of them:

Hope you like the change!

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