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Welcome to my blog! I am a mix between Computer Scientist & Data Scientist. Keen on Functional Programming & Machine Learning. Right now I am working as Data Engineer @MOIA

I migrated this blog from hugo to org-mode, you can find the old index page here, the latests posts written using org-mode are this ones:

The full org-mode archive can be found at /archive

Personal projects

DPASF (Data Pre-processing Algorithms for Streaming in Flink)

This is my MSc on Data Science final project. This is a library for Data Pre-processing Algorithms for Streaming in Flink (DPASF). It has an associated publication (currently a pre-print on ArXiv).


Bartosz Milewski great book on Category Theory implemented in scala, with property Tests

Cryptography Exercises

A repo hosting all the assigment and source code of the Cryptography course on the University of Granada.

Hugo Similar Posts

Computing similar posts for my blog using Sklearn Kmeans, you can read more about this project in the blog post: Show related posts in Hugo with Sklearn.

NLP Dependency Parsing for Spanish

Final project of my Computer Science degree. This software is an implementation of a Dependency parser for Spanish, using SVMs.

My Personal DWM fork

Personal Fork of DWM, It has two branches, master that is as the original dwm and has a simple status color patch, and myconfig, that as its name point, is my personal config of DWM.

Generate Playlist By Length

A little python script for generate playlist with a given length in minutes. You can read more about this in the post Create music playlists with a given length

Author: Alejandro Alcalde

Date: 2020-09-25 Fri 00:00

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