How to deploy a telegram bot on AWS Lambda for free

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Some years ago I developed a little telegram bot called comptrain-individuals that parses WODs from Comptrain and post them on a telegram Channel called @CompTrainIndividuals. The problem was, in order to deploy it and have it online 24/7 I was using a free account on OpenRedshift, which forced me to recreate an account every 60 days and re-deploy everything again.

Recently I came out across a solution using AWS Lambda and its free tier products and since then I have had no problems at all. I only needed to deploy it once and it has been working since then. Today I want to tell you how you can do the same for your telegram bots.

Set up a AWS account using AWS free tier

In order to do that, just go to https://aws.amazon.com/free/ and create an account. You are going to use an AWS Lambda to deploy the bot there.

Create and set up a lambda function

I will not go over the details on how to create a lambda function, since there are plenty of resources for that, as I am using serverless, you can read their documentation on AWS Lambda.

Serverless configuration

For my telegram bot, I am using a configuration that just execute the bot every day at 4AM:

service: comptrain-bot

  name: aws
  runtime: python3.7
  region: eu-central-1

    handler: handler.main
      - schedule: cron(0 4 * * ? *)

Deploy the code to AWS lambda

Last step, in order to deploy our function to AWS, you need to use either aws-vault or awscli and set it up to use your credentials. Once you have done this, you can upload your function code using this steps:


    sls deploy
# if you are using python with poetry, this is the way of package dependencies
    cd .venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages
    zip -r9 ${OLDPWD}/function.zip .
    cd $OLDPWD
    zip -g function.zip handler.py
    aws lambda update-function-code --function-name comptrain-bot-dev-comptrain --zip-file fileb://function.zip
    rm function.zip

In order to package a python virtual environment you need to follow the steps specified in Deploy Python Lambda functions with .zip file archives

And that's it! hope it helps.

Author: Alejandro Alcalde

Date: 2021-02-27 Sat 00:00

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