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What is this list?

Below is a curated list of Podcast, Youtube Channels and Blogs I follow about Computer Science, Programming, Security and Data Science.

If you follow some resource not listed below feel free to post a comment and I will add it, or better, send me a Pull Request!

Thanks to @sinclair_88 for proposing the idea of this curated list.

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Computer Science (Programming, Data Science & Security)



Videos all about computers and computer stuff. Sister channel of Numberphile.

Security Now!

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.


Data Science

Not So Standard Deviations

NOt so standard Deviations podcasts

Roger Peng and Hilary Parker talk about the latest in data science and data analysis in academia and industry.

Linear Digressions

Linear Digressions Podcass

Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago.

Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic is your source for a perseptive of scientific skepticism on topics in statistics, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and data science. Our weekly podcast and blog bring you stories and tutorials to help understand our data-driven world.

Data Stories

A podcast on data visualization with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner

Partially Derivative

Partially Derivative is a podcast about data science in the world around us. Episodes are a mix of explorations into the techniques used in data science and discussions with the field's leading experts. The podcast is a personal project hosted by Jonathon, Vidya, and Chris -- three experts in data science.

Talking Machines

Talking Machines is your window into the world of machine learning. Your hosts, Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams, bring you clear conversations with experts in the field, insightful discussions of industry news, and useful answers to your questions.

Computer Science

Chips with everything

Why are teens shoplifting makeup and posting their hauls to Tumblr? How can a blind man run a marathon through the desert with just an iPhone? And what happens to your social media profiles after you die? Week on week, Leigh Alexander answers questions just like these on our digital culture podcast, Chips with Everything.

Geek Speak

A weekly talk show about technology, science, and human creativity that excites, educates, and fosters curiosity. Discussions touch upon how technology affects society and how we react to that change. Hosts are passionate about explaining complex concepts in simple, easy to digest, chunks. We bridge the gaps between Geeks and the rest of humanity.


Security Now!

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.


Talk Python To Me

Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics (e.g. MongoDB, AngularJS, DevOps).


Data Science

Stories by IBM Cognitive Business on Medium

This is the age of breakthrough. An age in which digital business meets digital intelligence — human expertise enhanced, scaled and accelerated.

Stories by Oliver Cameron on Medium

I lead the self-driving car team at @udacity. Previously founder of a @ycombinator startup.

Udacity Inc — Medium

Learning for the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Nathan Benaich on Medium

Investor and technologist. All things #AI and emerging tech. Former research scientist, photographer, perpetual foodie.

Adam Geitgey on Medium

Interested in computers and machine learning. Likes to write about it.

Airbnb Engineering & Data Science — Medium

Creative engineers and data scientists building a world where you can belong anywhere.

Stories by Camron Godbout on Medium

Deep Learning and NLP enthusiast

Stories by Monica Rogati on Medium

Data Science advisor. Turning data into products and stories.

Actionable Data - Medium

Big Data, data science and analytics advice from the folks at Pivotal Data.

Stories by Carlos E. Perez on Medium

Deep Learning Patterns, Methodology and Strategy

Stories by Sam DeBrule on Medium

Weekly AI/ML Newsletter: Formerly @mattermark @chartbeat. I’d love to meet you for coffee and chat about AI!

Stories by NYU Center for Data Science on Medium

Official account of the Center for Data Science at NYU, home of the Masters in Data Science.

Sebastian Raschka is the author of the bestselling book “Python Machine Learning.” As a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, he is developing new computational methods in the field of computational biology.

Data Elixir

Data Elixir is a weekly newsletter of curated data science news and resources from around the web.

Free for data lovers.

Becoming A Data Scientist

Documenting my path from "SQL Data Analyst pursuing an Engineering Master's Degree" to "Data Scientist"


FlowingData explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves.


This site is brought to you by the letters “M” and “L”. It is meant to tackle interesting topics in machine learning while being entertaining and easy to read and understand.

Natural Language Processing Blog

My biased thoughts on the fields of natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics (CL) and related topics (machine learning, math, funding, etc.)

Andrej Karpathy blog

I am Andrej Karpathy, a PhD student at Stanford working on Deep Learning. My academic website has much more information.

Machine Learning at Berkeley Blog - Articles

Machine Learning at Berkeley ([email protected]) is student-run organization based at the University of California, Berkeley, and is dedicated to building and fostering a vibrant machine learning community on the University of California, Berkeley campus as well as contributing to the greater machine learning community beyond the campus.

DataScience Blog

DataScience pairs data expertise with powerful tools to help businesses unlock the value in their data.


You've Been Haacked

I work at GitHub doing whatever I can to make it even more awesome.

Genbeta Dev

Blog sobre programación.

The Geek Stuff

I will be posting instruction guides, How-Tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks Linux and open source technologies. My focus is to write articles that will either teach you or help you resolve a problem.

Texblog - because LaTeX matters

My intention is to provide valuable tips and tricks for your daily LaTeX editing. In addition, I’ll try to give answers to questions which are not easily found on the web.


Hi, my name is Yuval Itzchakov, I'm 27 years old from Israel. I've been programming for about the last 4 years, started out in the .NET stack and slowly broadening horizions to Python and some C++. I love learning internals of systems and exploring what happens under the covers.

Yegor Bugayenko

I'm Yegor Bugayenko (Russian: Его́р Бугае́нко), a programmer, a founder, an investor, and a philanthropist.


Security Advocate. Problem Solver. Hacker. Ebullient Communicator.

Open Whisper Systems Blog

Open Whisper Systems is both a large community of volunteer Open Source contributors, as well as a small team of dedicated grant-funded developers. Together, we're working to advance the state of the art for secure communication, while simultaneously making it easy for everyone to use.

Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a "security guru" by The Economist. He is the author of 13 books--including Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World-- as well as hundreds of articles, essays, and academic papers.

Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs worked as a reporter for The Washington Post from 1995 to 2009, authoring more than 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog, as well as hundreds of stories for and The Washington Post newspaper, including eight front-page stories in the dead-tree edition and a Post Magazine cover piece on botnet operators. In 2014, he was profiled in The New York Times, Business Week and by More recently, he was invited to an “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit about investigative reporting.


Adam Langley's Weblog

Trend Micro Simply Security

For nearly 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is our entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep up with the bad guys despite a changing IT landscape, riskier user behavior, and constantly evolving threats.

Jose is one of the individuals who have earned the GIAC Security Expert (GSE) designation. He is a SANS Institute community instructor for penetration testing courses and a regular speaker at security conferences.

Un informático en el lado del mal

Seguridad informática, hacking, pentesting, ldap injection, blind ldap injection, sql injection, blind sql injection, heavy queries, connection string parameter pollution, foca, evil foca, latch, dust rss, metashield protector, faast, metadatos, libros de seguridad informática, informática 64, recover messages, 0xword, cálico electrónico, eleven paths, telefónica y chema alonso. las opiniones son de los autores de los artículos y las mías son mías personales.


Noticias sobre seguridad, virus, antivirus, hacking, phising, spam, ataques, timos, estafas, malware y otras amenazas de seguridad informática.

Security By Default

Después de mucho tiempo hablando sobre la posibilidad de crear un blog íntegramente sobre seguridad informática, nos hemos decidido a ponernos en marcha y crear un espacio donde poder compartir experiencias y hablar de los aspectos técnicos relacionados con la seguridad informática.


Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

Hispasec @unaaldia

Servicio gratuito de noticias y análisis sobre seguridad en español.

Ars Technica » Risk Assessment

Serving the Technologist for more than a decade. IT news, reviews, and analysis.

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