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Some weeks ago I participated in my first GameJam. I’ve never program a Game so this was a challenge for me. We have 48 hours to think and develop a Game from scratch. Our team decided to use Godot engine. The team was formed by four people: @Cristina, @ElenoideArt, @JJ Ramos and me.

Game Description


@Elenoide was our game designer and it is also a biologist, so we thought a game in which cells pops ups in the screen and eventually become Carcinogens, the player has to kill those cells before they spread. Here is a screen record:

As you can see, the game is very basic, but hey, none of us knew how to create a game the day before. If you want to improve it, prove it or play it, the code is in Unlimitosis Repo.


In order to learn Godot we use its documentation, it is very well explained and extense. Also, there is a github repo with a lot of examples

Play the Game

Thanks to JJ Ramos we have a web version for the game at

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