Alejandro Alcalde

Graduado en Ingeniería Informática en la ETSIIT, Granada.

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Learn how to stop Windows 10 from exporting your personal data.

Windows 10 is the fastest, most efficient and powerful Operating System Microsoft has ever created. Fast and responsive, this software is being continually being refined via your user feedback and telemetry.

This feedback comes directly from your PC.

Now, during the initial Windows 10 install, most people will accept the default privacy recommendations offered by Windows but if you care about your privacy, you want to make sure Windows 10 is sending Microsoft as little data as possible.

To that end, here is a brief FREE eBook showing you the privacy options Windows 10 has.

You’ll also learn how to tweak them to give you as much privacy as possible.

A quick, easy read that walks you through the different privacy settings in Windows 10, showing you how to turn them off.

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